Track More with OnCore - Subject Enrollment Coming Soon!

Important changes in OnCore are on the horizon, and we need your help.

Currently, all clinical trials or research studies requiring Coverage Analysis must have a record in OnCore, and beginning in May 2018, UCSF will begin enrolling and tracking subjects in OnCore for clinical trials that bill through APeX.  

This expansion of how OnCore is used will primarily impact CRCs and/or the people on a study team who are responsible for enrolling subjects and scheduling visits.

Whatever your role, the OCR is here to help support you!

Enrolling subjects and tracking visits in OnCore will enable UCSF to have a centralized system of record for patients who are enrolled in UCSF clinical trials and will support accurate and compliant billing practices for those individuals. UCSF will also be audit-ready with OnCore supporting the generation of automatic reports across all clinical trials.

In the weeks to come, this page will be updated, and you will begin to see campus-wide messaging from the OCR announcing a variety of opportunities for you to learn about and experience OnCore, including:

  • In-person Town Halls featuring an OnCore update and live training session which will be held at a variety of campus locations in March and April and will provide a great opportunity for you to get information and to ask questions about subject enrollment and visit tracking in OnCore
  • Interactive online training courses that will be posted on the LMS for viewing at any time, as many times as you like. These courses take less than an hour total, and can be taken in smaller chunks to best suit your schedule
  • Live Webinars that will be held to reinforce training and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

“Subject Enrollment and Visit Tracking in OnCore is a real value-add; the system will ultimately benefit Research Teams because now you have extra support and greater peace of mind with OnCore helping ensure compliance for your study’s billing practices. And, most importantly, it’s good for our clinical research participants because this will lessen the chance that they have to deal with all the hassle that comes with receiving incorrect billing information.” 

-Eunice Stephens, Executive Director, Clinical Research Operations and Administration, UCSF Health and Executive Director, Office of Clinical Research, UCSF 

We love Swag! …do you love Swag?

As added incentive for everyone to get ready for this change, we’re offering three separate opportunities to get your UCSF Swag on:

  1. If you don’t currently have an OnCore account, we encourage you to sign up now to take the required training so you can be assigned an OnCore login – all who do so between February and April 2018 will receive a special gift!
  2. All those who attend one of the Town Hall meetings will receive another (different) swag item!
  3. All people who a) take the training, b) attend a Town Hall meeting, and c) sign up for the OnCore Users mailing list (see below) will be entered into a raffle for an even larger prize!

If you have questions about Subject Enrollment or Tracking in OnCore, please email via the link, or call 415.502.2962.

Add your name to the OnCore Users mailing list to ensure you receive timely information regarding this enhancement, or check back frequently as this page will be continuously updated with the latest information.