About Us

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) was borne out of a goal of streamlining, standardizing, and improving support for the start-up of clinical research activities at UCSF.  Leadership at UCSF has recognized the important relationship between campus and UCSF Health Systems in the conduct of clinical research, and the OCR helps to synergize operations between the two entities.

The OCR:

  • Strengthens processes across both the campus and health system as well as provides a path for efficiencies and additional collaborations to support UCSF’s immense and continually growing clinical research activities
  • Works to improve systems and processes to help reduce risk and create efficiencies in conducting clinical research at UCSF, specifically in the areas of clinical research billing and study start up times
  • Provides services to support Principal Investigators, study teams, and members of the Clinical Research Units where UCSF serves an investigational site for clinical research
  • Assists with research needs including the use of OnCore and the Coverage Analysis and Budgeting processes
  • Provides guidance on relevant resources, tools, and collaborators within UCSF

We look forward to working with you.

For general questions about the Office of Clinical Research, please email [email protected]