Through a partnership between UCSF Campus and Medical Center the Office of Clinical Research supports the research needs of clinical trial Investigators and staff.

In addition to the Coverage Analysis charge designations for your research study, the OCR offers budget creation and negotiation services. The OCR works with investigators and their study team to develop budgets for clinical trials and negotiates terms with industry sponsors. OCR Budgets can be developed after a preliminary coverage analysis has been approved, unless fully funded by the Sponsor. 

The budgeting team can help to:

  • Develop protocol-specific budgets and negotiate with sponsors to ensure adequate financial support
  • Assist the PI in projecting the costs for investigator-initiated trials
  • Ensure the use of standardized costs for research procedures and clinical trials across multiple programs
  • Ensure that budget and payment terms within contracts are accurately executed

For questions about budgeting, please contact Cat Savangsy at [email protected].