Study Start-Up Links

The Office of Clinical Research is here to help with your study start-up needs - please click on the service(s) you need from the list below.

For general queries, please email [email protected] or call 415-514-4998.

  • For budget creation and negotiation services, calendar build, and/or coverage analysis, please complete the OCR Intake Form
  • To register for an OnCore account or for OnCore training options, please click here
  • For OnCore Support, please contact [email protected] or call 415-502-2962
  • For questions about study billing / research revenue, please contact Maria Mason
  • To request an APeX build, please complete the APeX New Study Build Request Form and submit to the Office of Clinical Research at [email protected] for processing (do not submit directly to the APeX team)

Recent Efforts Toward Reduction of Study Start-Up Time


CA Lite

A  “CA-Lite” process has been created for clinical trials that are all sponsor-paid. The adoption of this new fast-track process will allow a quick Coverage Analysis build by the OnCore analyst following calendar creation, resulting in time savings in the start-up of the study.   

PI Sign-off of CA No Longer Required

Additional efforts to reduce start-up time include removing the requirement of PI approval of the Coverage Analysis, thus reducing delays between the study team and coverage analysts. 


Previously, 700U’s were generated when the budget was finalized between the study team and OCR, but now will be generated when the study is ready for calendar build.  This allows for any positive disclosures to be worked on by the COI Committee in parallel with OCR processes.

For questions about any of the above new processes, please contact [email protected]